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Beauty Babe Lounge Toronto

Eyelash Extensions Services


Classic Lashes

Jet-Set Babe: 1 extension + 1 natural lash

Who needs mascara? A full classic set, for anyone looking to wake up already made up, with the beautiful dark mascara look.

Full Set


Mini Refill (45mins)


Standard Refill (60mins)


Super Refill (120mins)



Hybrid Lashes

Beauty Babe: 60% volume mixed + 40% classic

The best of both worlds. A mix of classic and volume lashes. Amp up the volume on your look with long, full, dark, and sultry looking lashes.

Full Set


Mini Refill 


Standard Refill


Super Refill



Volume Lashes

Bombshell Babe Set: 2-4 extensions + 1 natural lash

A full volume set, mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fullest of them all? Be red carpet ready with the fullest volume of lashes that will leave you feeling like an A-lister.

Full Set


Mini Refill


Standard Refill


Super Refill



Other Lash Services

Tints, Lifts & Removals​

Lash Lift


Lash Tint


Extension Removal


Before You Book

Please keep in mind that not all lash sets will look the same on everyone since they are individually styled to complement each client’s unique eye shapes and the amount of natural lashes they have.

If you’re under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

A valid credit card is required upon booking a service, this is to secure your spot. Cancellations within 48 hours, or no shows will be charged $50. This is to cover the loss of earnings from that appointment which we cannot fill at such short notice.

Please avoid caffeine before your appointment and arrive on time with clean lashes as you have a designated time slot. Our appointment times are more than enough to ensure you receive your treatment. Lateness will erode in your appointment time, thank you!