Turning Birthday blues into gratitude

Please tell me its not just me…every year when my birthday rolls around I feel a little bit of the birthday blues…but I also see it as the beginning of a new year. It’s a time when I get to reset, even when I think “what the heck did I do all year?” and I get into panic mode and start trying to finish all the projects that I started and neglected in hopes of getting them done by May 1st. Isn’t that so silly?

I would feel pressured, overwhelmed and anxious, as if I’m not where I should be in life, I start to question every aspect of work, life, balance, and start beating myself up for not doing as well as I think I should have.

Which is why I usually like to go away to some place warm and beautiful for my birthday to relax, to silence the negative self talk, and remind myself there is more to life then the jibber jabber in my head.

My fondest memory was from 2013 when I went to South East Asia. It initially started off as a two week vacation to Thailand with a good friend, when she left I decided to keep on going… I had no idea where to go or for how long, but I knew it was my opportunity to take at that time so I followed my heart.

I’ve heard of Bali before and thought “Yes! Let’s go!”…. I didn’t know what part of Bali I wanted to visit, which hotel I was staying at, nothing was booked, I started asking people on the plane where they were headed haha 😂 they must have thought I was insane or a stalker 🤪 because I had ZERO plans. I felt like a true traveler, allowing the journey to take me where it wanted. I knew if I didn’t like one place I could always go to the next destination. I immersed myself in every country’s culture, loving the unique experience each place had to offer.  Vietnam was the best…just saying!

I felt like I was living my best life, I was young (ish), wild, and free!
I took the road less traveled, with no agenda, I was not thinking about the next Instagram worthy shot (I didn’t even know what IG was lol), I was not thinking about work, I knew if I didn’t have a job once I got back I could always find another job.  Basically I had no one to care for, but myself.

I was completely in trust with the Universe, present in the moment, enjoying every second of my journey fully aware I may not get this chance again…and it took me to the most gorgeous and spectacular views.
I ended up traveling for 2.5 months to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia and had the best time of my life….with my best friend…me!
And I’m so glad I allowed myself that indulgence, giving myself the gift of experience.

Two short years after my trip, so much changed, solo trip experiences temporarily forgotten, my life still looks very different now…with great  challenges comes great reward, and becoming a mother has been the BIGGEST reward.  Who would have thought I’d be a mom AND a business owner all at the same time! Isn’t life so trippy?

These days I hardly have any time to myself. I have my good days and my fair share of bad days too, but something that remains constant is that I still have that inner knowing in my heart that no matter how tough life gets, the Universe will always balance itself out, and that gives me great comfort during uncertain times like these.

As women, we are always thinking of others, we nurture our relationships with everyone around us. But what about you?  Yes.. YOU! the beautiful person reading this!!! 

I believe and recognize more now than ever as a mother, that I cannot fulfill my purpose and be a good mom if I feel depleted of love for myself. I cannot give if I don’t have enough in my own cup, I need to keep my cup full in order to take care of another person.

This birthday while we are still social distancing I want to take the time to reconnect with myself…I hope you will join me. Understand that it’s okay to take time for yourself, in fact, we need to if we want to have a strong mental game.

With that in mind, I’d like to remind myself to follow my inner wisdom, know that I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

“There is no need to struggle to be better. All I need to do is love myself more today than yesterday and treat myself as someone who is deeply loved. I AM GOOD ENOUGH.” ~ Louise Hay

I hope this resonated with you, and if you’re feeling blue on your birthday or any day like I did, remember to turn your blues into gratitude, let go of your limitations and recognize the true beauty of your being and walk the path of your own heart. 

With love and gratitude,


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